Partnerships & Alliances

Partnerships & Alliances

We represent some of the leading international Waterproofing companies in India as their local partners or as Authorised Applicators. We have been selected on the basis of our experience, infrastructure, commitment and our past performance.



Greenseal Products develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of waterproofing products and treatments in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia With over two decades of experience Greenseal is a highly respected market leader.

Greenseal waterproofing products are manufactured in Malaysia with technology transfer from U.K. and our products meet the International Standards and Quality. Our main products are ranging from Cementatious Crystallization Compound which work best at wet areas, water tanks, basement and etc. and Liquid Waterproofing Membrane Solvent or Water based for roofing, internal area and external wall. At Greenseal quality is not an afterthought but a way of life. To formalise this the company also produces in compliance with MS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems under Registration No. AR2748. The company currently exports to Hong Kong, China, Middle East, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Taiwan and New Zealand and etc.



For almost 40 years DIGO Products BV has been a concept for the house-finishing world. Formerly known as DIGO Sierpleister BV, because of the expansion of our delivery program we have chosen to be known under the collective name of Products. Digo Products BV produces ornamental plasters and masonry paints in its own factory buildings. Products of high quality for both internal and external use. We also have our own production line for outer wall insulation of mortars and plasters under the name DIGO G.I. BV. In our own laboratory new materials and techniques are extensively tested, as they must comply with all specific legal and environmental requirements. DIGO Products BV is oriented towards both the professional and the do-it-yourself market.



GRACE offers a wide range of innovative specially  construction chemicals  and materials that include : concrete admixtures and fibers, liquid pigments for colored concrete masonry product, air and vapor barries, roofing underlayments, self-adhered window. door and deck flashing ,structural waterproofing systems and fire protection products. As a worldwide leader in the construction products industry, Grace products are specified by architects and engineers and are used by constructors, ready mix, precast



Vandex is the worldwide register trademark for a range of professional construction chemical products for waterproofing, protection and repair of concrete and for building protection. Vandex is also the name of an organization which through innovation, know-how, experience and strong motivation supports its products with appropriate services in the fields of research & development, testing, engineering, training, consulting and marketing thus adding significant value to the basic qualities and benefits of the Vandex products.

The Vandex organization serves the construction industry worldwide through a network of subsidiaries, distributors and applicators.



Hitchins has been specialising in building preservation, restoration and maintenance all over the world for over 70 years. Hitchins complete protection sevices has helped to preserve many historical and modern buildings from rapid deterioration, restoring them to their original splendour.

Today, many prominent buildings and structures protected by Hitchins many years ago, still retain their structural strength and impressive appearance. These buildings and structures are Hitchins’ testimony to the international standards of performance. Hitchins track record in building protection is recognised worldwide.

Hitchins professional knowledge and technical expertise in the industry have proven to be a leading building problems solver. In January 2007, Hitchins became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Middle East Development Singapore Limited (MEDS).



Myk Schomburg India Pvt Ltd. is a joint venture between MYK group of companies Hyderabad and Schomburg (GmbH OF Germany) who are one of the leading solution providers to the construction industry in the European market with a complete line of products,

dystems and services MYK  Group’s  busines s expertise in India lies in Cement, Tile & Stone Installation & development.



Tiki Tar Industries India Limited is the India’s largest private sector Bitumen Company, with operations in more than 0 locations and standing strong since 1964. Tiki Tar Industries India Limited is the leader in all major Bitumen markets, with leading R&D and technology. as well as sizeable captive supplies of raw materials and outstanding distribution networks. The Company has introduced APP Modified bituminous



Sika AG, located in Baar, Switzerland, is a globally active specialty chemicals company. Sika supplies the building  and construction industry as well as manufacturing  industries and is leader in processing materials used in sealing, bonding ,damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures.

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kryton is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of crystalline concrete waterproofing systems since 1973

Kryton Buildmat Co. Pvt. Ltd. (KBCPL), India, is a subsidiary company of Kryton Holding Inc. of Canada that specializes  in developing, manufacturing  and distributing  specialty protection products for construction, improvement and repair of industrial, commercial as well as home projects.



DANOSA is leader in Spain in the production of asphalt sheets waterproofing products for thermal and acoustic insulation, drainage, geotextiles and rehabilatation of housing and public works

It is also one of the most prestigious in Europe



ARDEX specialises in high-quality construction materials for substrate preparation, levelling floors, waterproofing, the fixing of natural stones & ceramic tiles and other surfacing materials. ARDEX offers innovative products of outstanding quality and optimal environmental friendliness, as well as providing training and support services for well as providing training and support services for their application. The ARDEX Group comprises of 28 subsidiaries and some 1,400 employees active in offices and branches in more than 50 countries.

The history of ARDEX can be traced back over 50 years to Witten, Germany where ARDEX Chemie GMBH was founded hy Herr and Frau Fortmann and Dr. Kraft. Products such as Ardurit Z8 and Ardur K15 are firmly established as benchmarks for flooring products worldwide.

In December 2001 ARDEX acquired Norcros Building Products (NBP) Australia. The letter has a similar heritage in the Australasian market with MBA tile adhesives – renowned for their quality and technical excellence, a reputation built over 30 years. Innovations such as Abaflex are unique in the market until this day. Other brands offered by NBP Australia include Superflex under-tile waterproofing systems, Shelter (previously Dunlop) sheet membrane systems and Hydrepoxy coatings. In 2002 Vibro Products Pty Ltd., manufacturers under licence of ARDEX floor levelling and adhesives, was acquired and integrated into ARDEX Australia.